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animal protection vaccine

the biopharmaceutical sector of haid group is mainly located in sichuan, hebei, guangdong and other places. with leading r&d technology at home and abroad, it has developed a series of high-quality products to help farmers effectively prevent and control diseases of breeding animals and realize health and safety in the breeding process.

at present, the biopharmaceutical sector has developed into a leading enterprise among the industry.

products: biological vaccine, veterinary medicine, environmental improvement preparation, animal micro ecological preparation, nutritional immunity product, traditional chinese medicine preparation



aquaculture expert
we are committed to helping the farmers improve their breeding environment, prevent and control diseases of animal husbandry, reduce disease losses, achieve health, safety and control in the process of aquaculture, reduce the cost of breeding, and enhance the efficiency of aquaculture.


livestock and poultry breeding expert
we are committed to helping farmers to prevent and control diseases, carry out disease monitoring, and optimize breeding management, improving the breeding level and realize the sustainable and healthy development of farmers.


animal vaccine mucosal immune leader
we are committed to provide a deep customized service for the prevention and control system of large-scale pig farms to ensure the safety, stability and efficiency of epidemic prevention.