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haid research institute
haid research institute is a research and development institution of haid group. in 2017, it was recognized as "haid central research institute" by guangdong provincial economic and information commission, and won many honors at municipal level & above, including: "national enterprise technology center", "laboratory accreditation of national accreditation committee" (cnas certification for short), "enterprise postdoctoral research workstation", branch station of animal husbandry and aquaculture research center "," key laboratory of microecological resource utilization inbreeding of ministry of agriculture and rural affairs "," guangdong engineering technology research and development center "," guangdong agricultural science and technology innovation center "“ academician workstation of guangdong province, doctor workstation of guangdong province, guangzhou key engineering technology research and development center, guangzhou innovation benchmark 100 enterprises, etc.
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at the beginning of the establishment of the research institute, there were only more than 10 members in r&d team, including two masters only. after more than 10 years of development, the institute now has thousands of top-notch r&d teams, including nutrition, microbiology, biochemical industry, biotechnology, genetics, aquaculture, preventive veterinary medicine, biology, clinical veterinary medicine, etc, "seven research institutes" and "five centers" have been established, including: innovation technology research institute, poultry feed technology research institute, pig feed technology research institute, animal breeding research institute, animal medicine research institute, general aquatic feed technology research institute and special aquatic feed technology research institute. the "five centers" include: overseas technology center, aquatic animal protection technology and service center, animal and poultry animal protection and service center, quality management center and test resource management center. with strong r&d strength and many new achievements in feed industry.

the research institute has an experimental building with an area of more than 10 mu and a total building area of more than 6400m2. it has established animal nutrition and feed technology laboratory, microorganism technology laboratory, biotechnology laboratory, biochemical laboratory, animal medicine laboratory, genetic breeding laboratory, immunology laboratory, animal disease laboratory, gene engineering laboratory, cell culture laboratory and precision food analysis laboratory. in july 2011, the testing center passed the national cnas laboratory accreditation, and passed the certificate renewal review in 2014 and 2017 respectively. this center equipped with high-performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, amino acid analyzer, two-channel atomic fluorescence photometer, ultraviolet spectrophotometer, high-precision digital microscope (olympus szx-7), near-infrared analyzer, full-automatic fiber many imported instruments and equipment, such as analyzer, gradient pcr instrument, nucleic acid extraction sample processing system, nucleic acid concentration analyzer, hyper-speed freezing centrifuge, etc., have achieved 89 external service detection projects; it has established more than 2000 mu of pilot scale scientific research base and more than 13000 mu of aquaculture seedling breeding and aquaculture technology promotion base, including guangzhou panyu freshwater aquaculture pilot base, yangjiang seawater aquaculture pilot base, zhanjiang seawater aquaculture pilot base, fujian ningde seawater pilot base, guangzhou panyu duck pilot base, foshan gaoming chicken pilot base, kaiping poultry pilot base, hubei xishui chicken test bases, hubei xinzhou poultry test base, taishan aquatic breeding test base and hainan wenchang pig test base. it provides a good hardware foundation for the basic research of aquatic products and livestock.

scientific excellence
  • 1000 masters / doctors
  • rmb 4 billionr&d investment
  • rmb 500 millionbase fixed investment
  • rmb 200 millionadvanced equipment
  • 7 professional institutes
  • 20years of scientific research on breeding
  • 2000 mu pilot base area
scientific research system
7 main research directions
  • animal genetics and breeding
  • animal nutrition and feed
  • animal medicine and biopharmaceutics
  • microbial engineering
  • biochemical engineering
  • protein engineering
  • healthy breeding
  • r&d system
    1st level r&d system
    eliminate potential risks and reserve sustainable strength for future development
    2nd level r&d system
    facing the market, reducing product cost and keeping pace with market demand
    3rd level r&d system
    engaging farmers, improving the efficiency of breeding, creating value for the farmers.
  • r&d process
scientific research achievements
  • presided over 10 national and industrial standards
  • transformation of more than 2000 scientific research achievements
  • 6 new national aquatic products
  • more than 50 provincial famous brand products
  • more than 30 provincial high-tech products
  • more than 300 authorized patents
  • more than 400 academic papers
  • more than 30 national and provincial science and technology awards
  • 4 applications for registration of new veterinary medicine certificates