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china's top 500 listed companies announced! haid group ranked 231, ranking the top three in agriculture and animal husbandry industry.


recently, the list of "top 500 china-listed companies" was announced based on 2019 revenue. haid group ranked 231 in revenue of rmb 47.6 billion. haid, sinopec, alibaba, jd, and other enterprises are on the same list, and it is ranked in the top three of the agricultural and animal husbandry enterprises on the list, second only to new hope group and guangdong wen's foodstuffs group.

haid group ranked 231

it is understood that the 2019 financial statements of listed companies in the mainland, hong kong, and the united states have been disclosed, and the top 500 list of chinese listed companies (revenue) has been announced. according to the choice data from, the total revenue of china's top 500 companies in 2019 totaled rmb 52.1 trillion, accounting for nearly 80% of the total revenue of listed companies. in 2019, the average revenue of china's top 500 listed companies is rmb 104.2 billion, with a median of 42.4 billion yuan. the entry threshold for this list has reached a new high, with the top 500 enterprises entering the threshold of up to rmb 19 billion, an increase of rmb 1.4 billion over the previous year.

according to the 2019 financial report of haid group, the business scale of feed, seedling, animal health care products, breeding, trade and other sectors of the group continued to grow in an all-round way, with annual operating revenue of rmb 47.613 billion, an increase of 12.94% year-on-year; the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was rmb 1.649 billion, an increase of 14.71% year-on-year. the total revenue of the top 500 enterprises is in the middle and top-level, and it is between the top agricultural and animal husbandry enterprises on the list, which with remarkable achievements.