it has the world's leading r&d technology of shrimp and freshwater fish seedlings, and adopts the family breeding and molecular assisted breeding technology, through the classical genetic breeding, genetic engineering breeding, and gynogenic breeding to cultivate a number of new varieties with hyper production speed, strong resistance to disease and stress, which has obvious advantages over common seedlings.

haid owns 6 new aquatic products that have been identified national authority.

the leading aquaculture and seedling enterprise: the ministry of agriculture aquatic health demonstration farm; the seed industry of modern fisheries demonstration farm of china.

  • 100000 mufish breeding aquaculture water
  • 200000 shrimp breeding aquaculture water
  • 100 seedling base
  • 4 large scale provincial "aquatic breeding farm”
  • 6 new national aquatic products
  • provincial leading agricultural enterprise

oversea seedling farm

shrimp seedling farm of vietnam
shrimp seedling farm of malaysia
shrimp seedling farm of india
shrimp seedling farm of indonesia
shrimp seedling farm of ecuador

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